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The information management hub where teams can easily organize, search, and share pools of information for any purpose, no matter where information lives

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Organize far-flung resourcesIn Bobbin, organize far-flung resources.

Organize far-flung resources

Tailor information pools for any topic to collect everything your team needs for every project.

Search across all sourcesIn Bobbin, search across all sources.

Search across all sources

Find what you’re looking for, no matter where it lives, with search results arranged to make sense.

Share information poolsIn Bobbin, share information pools.

Share information pools

Easily share collections of distributed resources with your colleague, team, or entire organization.

No Migration RequiredIn Bobbin, no migration is required.
No Migration Required
No Added Security RiskIn Bobbin, there is no added security risk.
No Added Security Risk
Fast & ScalableBobbin is fast & scalable.
Fast & Scalable