Why We Built Bobbin

Information is scattered and needs are constantly changing

After 15+ years in the enterprise collaboration space, we’ve helped thousands of companies solve all kinds of information sharing challenges.

Our core strategies have centered on visual and information design to simplify finding, sharing, and consuming complex information. Regardless of how effective we’ve been, two universal problems always remain.

First, it’s impossible to centrally organize information to meet the needs for every team and project. New situations and shifting goals require access to information not foreseen in your careful design.

Second, information is often spread across multiple sources (such as Google Drive, Confluence, Box, Slack, Trello, DocuSign, and so on). But functional differences and limited integration between platforms make a unified approach impractical at best.

Views of information combined from all sources need to be tailored for every team or project

What’s missing is the ability to create shareable views with information tailored for every team or project. And these views must access information wherever it may be stored.

We created Bobbin to solve this.

With Bobbin, you can easily create pools of information to meet the needs of every challenge you face. And Bobbin can reach everywhere your information lives, so you can access everything from one place.

We designed Bobbin so pools can overlap to include common resources. Plus, pools are shareable so you and your team can dip into and out of the relevant information as your focus changes throughout the day

The traditional challenges of information sharing still need to be met

Of course, Bobbin also addresses the more traditional challenges of information sharing.

For example, Bobbin unifies search across different sources, so you don’t have to know where your information is before you can find it.

Also there is no heavy upfront investment. Using Bobbin requires no data migration or reorganization. Because your information stays where it is, no new security schemes are needed, either.

To help you work faster, Bobbin loads only your information, not the bloated websites and apps that hold it. And we built Bobbin to be scalable so it won’t slow you down, even when your information needs grow.

Surprisingly, it’s incredibly simple to use. With Bobbin’s quick start guide, you’ll be up and running in minutes. No steep learning curves, no consultants, and no relying on overworked system administrators.

In short, Bobbin exists to help you organize and share all your information, no matter where it lives, so you can finally tame the information wilderness.

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